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Welcome to our personal amateur cuckold blog, which is about me being a cuckold and sharing my wife with you! 

This is an 18+ blog about my ever growing obsession to be cuckolded. I am married and my wife and I both frequent this page so feel free to ask anything you want.

Its only been 1 or 2 years since i became a cuckold and the reason i decided to make a blog about it is because i really like to share our stories and experiences with other men. Just as i like to share my wife with other men i suppose...

I did have to learn how to make a blog, but trust me, with google blogger it does nt get any easier. So here i am , being able to share my wife - at list virtually - with the whole universe... It does n't get any better than this...

I really hope that you will enjoy reading about our experiences as much as we enjoy living them. It is a great thing to be able and live your most secret fantasies with your wife, and so i consider my-shelf a very lucky guy. Sure sometimes things do get a bit out of my control, but even then , deep down i love it...

my wife in a gangbang

Nothing turns me on more than watching my wife having more than one guy at the same time. I enjoy so much watching other men fuck her brains out that most of the time i just watch and masturbate or thake photos.
These photos are one of our first such adventures and trust me when i tell you that she loved it and after that she was hooked, and i am glad for this :-)
One the party was over she had cum from 3 different guys all over her body and i was lucky enough to get some sloppy seconds which i really love when the guys left. Before she went for a shower...
Damn... i love sharing my wife and watch her...

Real wife stories

Me and my wife, recently we had a new development in our cuckolding relationship. Which i liked a lot. Even before we had any such experience i remember telling her my fantasy of her being with another man - or men - without even my presence, and then telling me each and every detail of what happened when she would get back home...

Well, because one month ago this fantasy actually happened, i will post the stories of my wife in a separate category as my real wife stories. Because its her story actually and not ours.. Let me tell you that she is not shy about hiding any details and i was really surprised to hear what she did..

For the time being i have only 2 stories to share with you, but both of them as hot as it gets. To be honest the fact alone that she had sex with other men without even my presence is enough to turn me on, but the stories that she had to share...  i think you will love them as much as i did.

Wife dressed as a slut in high heels and mini skirt

One of the first things that made me really turned on was watching my cuckold wife dressed like a slut in high heels. Short skirt as you can see in the photo and watching other men trying to het a glimpse... Click read more to watch what she is doing out in public..

cuckold wife on the beach.. how it all started at the beach!

I first realized that i was turned on when other men were geting a hard on my looking at my wife at the beach. At first i asked her to loose her top and go sunbathing topless. We were on a rocky beach and there were not many people near us. The beach was divided from the large rocks into tinny private beaches. So we were almost not visible from the people around us (which where only a few men alone). But when these
people would stand up they could clearly see my wife, lying right there on the beach with her tits under the sun. It was really fun to watch these people pretend to stand up with various excuses, when in reality they

Exposing wife in public while in the car

Exposing my wife to strangers at the beach was a real turn on and very easy during summer but when winter came i had to come up with new ideas. So exposing her at public places while in the car was one of the best and hotest ideas... At first i made her dress really sexy and even came to a point that was riding while she was wearing only her underware... Did anyone get to see her like that you ask. Hell yeah.. more than one.. i promise to tell you all about it in later posts. But i ll tell you that: thats how she started to like other men touching her. A guy was parked right next to our car and obviously was watching the action and masturbating. It was night so it was dark and the area was not busy with other

Does she have the perfect ass or what?

My wifes ass exposed for all to see... i love her juicy ass.

I really love to get her exposed in public place where there is danger that other people might see her and sometimes at place that they actually do see her....

Exposing wife at an adult theater

I have to admit that this was not my idea.  It was one of the ideas we received from the blog and i must say it was a great one.. Thats exactly what i love about this blog. I love it when people interact, send us their email for whatever reason. To say what a slut my wife is, how much she turns them on, and sometimes we receive some great ideas. When we got there, at first she was a little shy, but very soon the action started.. We have already visited 4 times and we plan to visit this place very soon again! Many stories to tell from this really great place! I promise to share more photos soon :-)
This photo of her is one of my favorites, its from our last visit which was about 2 weeks ago. You can tell by the look of her eyes how much she was turned on. And i really love what she is wearing.. a real slut, my cuckold wife... More photos from that evening to follow.

The first time a black guy fucks my wife

I don't know who was more aroused by the idea of a black man with a huge cock fucking her. Me or her? I think its fair to say that we were both thrilled with the idea. It did takes as more time than we thought to find the right guy but it was well worth waiting... To make a long story short i asked this nice guy online if he wanted to fuck my wife, and after showing him this blog to see her, he accepted! I will let the photos tell the rest of the story.. Actually there are no words to describe the feeling of a big black cock fucking her like a whore while i was taking photos with a huge boner... Oh yes i love it and so did she.. Just look at her eyes on the photos and you will see how she enjoyed this big black cock... After he left i fucked her like crazy, the best sloppy seconds ever,

Sharing Our hot wife 's photos

There is no point sharing our stories here if you cant get a glimpse to the real action. Here you can send the hot photos of YOUR hot wife and share her with the bulls that visit this page. Just email your photos and your story at and i will post them , the same day. Your story and photos will be published in  a separate post so that every bull can comment on her and you.