Exposing wife in public while in the car

Exposing my wife to strangers at the beach was a real turn on and very easy during summer but when winter came i had to come up with new ideas. So exposing her at public places while in the car was one of the best and hotest ideas... At first i made her dress really sexy and even came to a point that was riding while she was wearing only her underware... Did anyone get to see her like that you ask. Hell yeah.. more than one.. i promise to tell you all about it in later posts. But i ll tell you that: thats how she started to like other men touching her. A guy was parked right next to our car and obviously was watching the action and masturbating. It was night so it was dark and the area was not busy with other
people. I went out of the car, all the way next to her door, i opened the door and told her to get out of the car. She was wearing nothing and i told her to wear only her high heels. She hesitated a little, but she did it. She loved every moment of it , i could tell but she confirmed it later. The other guy was amazed to see her like that but luckily he did nt do anything at all to ruin the moment. I moved her close to his open window and turned her around with her naked ass facing towards him. I asked him if he liked her ass and he simply said that its amazing. I moved ger even closer. Her ass was almost inside the car through the window. I told him to touch her ass and see how great it feels. She did nt protest. I was so turned on that i was out of control. I took her by the hand and guide her inside the guys car through the other door. First  i asked him if he would mind and of course he said not at all. I told her to suck him but she refused. He finger fucked her until she cum and to make a long story short, she love it so much that since then she would not mind other men to touch her as long as she liked them...